Episode 3 - The AAPT Experience with Jasmine


Our guest on this episode is the accomplished Jasmine Knudsen, who is one of the rock stars of my home department. She is a double major in Physics and Applied Math at Metropolitan State University of Denver, which has a combined physics department with my own port of call, the University of Colorado Denver. Jasmine got to present at a national conference this summer, and is on the cusp of graduating after years of being a full-time student while working multiple jobs and being the driving force behind our local Society of Physics Students, so needless to say, I'm always impressed by her. What a woman!
In this episode:


  • CUWiP applications open September 1! Do it!
  • Start looking for internships and REUs now
  • Jasmine becomes a Physics major in spite of the haters
  • Graduate school and the drive to teach
  • The more math the better (this keeps coming up...)
  • The American Association of Physics Teachers conference at the University of Maryland, College Park
    • Application process
    • Getting your travel funded
    • Five days and SO many choices!
    • Jasmine's presentation of her research on wave transmission/reflection theory
  • Networking is vital!
    • The importance of meeting people you think you want to work with
    • Getting cushy jobs through your network

Thank you so much for listening to the Tattooed Physicist podcast! This is for you, so don't hesitate to reach out to thetattooedphysicist AT gmail.com if you have feedback, possible topics, etc. Keep it low stress, my friends, and...
Happy School Year!
All music © Mike Everson.

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