Episode 5 - Our Afternoon with Evan, Part II


This episode is the second half of my interview/conversation with Evan Shapiro, who is an adult student that recently graduated from the University of Colorado Denver. In this half, Evan turned the interview around and got my life story out of me, so if you've ever wondered how an artist might become a physicist... well, here you have it! We also finish with some good advice from Evan, now that he's on the other side of his bachelors degree. Enjoy!
In this episode:

  • Evan wants to know how I came to physics...
    • The physics ladies in my life
    • Blowing off my parents because... puberty
    • Being punk rock and flying blind through college
    • Wandering the globe finding myself
    • Following my bliss even when I don't know what it is
    • Physics just falls into place, or, Why I should've listened to my mom in the first place
    • The autobiography: "Surely, You Should've Died, Ms. Wallace"
  • Back to Evan's undergraduate experience...
  • How to handle schoolwork, student leadership, research, internships, jobs, and (oh yeah) having a life
    • The horror of a misplaced Fall Break
    • Doing ALL THE THINGS
    • Interning at NREL
    • Ultimately aiming for sustainable success
  • Bringing the human element into the physics: What footprints will you leave?
  • Even physicists are suckers for applause...
  • Try new things; don't worry too much about specializing as an undergrad
  • Evan's beautiful chickens

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