Episode 6 - Office Hours with Dr. Avery


Our November (barely) episode features Dr. Azure Avery, who is an Assistant Professor in the Physics department at Metropolitan State University of Denver. It was great to get her perspective as the only female professor in our department (CU Denver and Metro State combine all physics classes) and as someone who went through her physics undergrad as an older student. I feel like we barely scratched the surface, so I hope to have her back on the podcast to go more in depth about her research at a later date. I hope you all enjoy hearing about her journey to becoming a physics professor!
In this episode:

  • Get ready for REUs and CUWiP!
  • Dr. Avery takes her own path to physics
  • Internships open doors: Raytheon and the SQUID Lab at CU Denver
  • Choosing your path with career stability and family in mind
  • The awesomeness of having other women in your cohort
  • Graduate school at the University of Denver
    • Approaching graduate study as an older student: school IS work
    • Connection to NREL through a professor at DU
  • Post-doc at NREL: research with carbon nanotubes
  • The field of physics always presents new challenges
  • Returning to MSU Denver as a professor
    • The power of making and maintaining good relationships
    • The experience of being the only female faculty member
    • Balancing a new job and a new baby
    • The importance of having a supportive partner
  • Overcoming imposter syndrome
  • The importance (and occasional necessity) of student self-advocacy

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Until next time!


All music © Mike Everson.

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