About the Podcast

The Tattooed Physicist podcast owes its existence to a small group of women that all happened to be studying physics and also happened to find themselves collected in a hotel lobby in Brownsville, TX. Every conversation they had was interesting and intelligent, and every young lady was wholly unique, with an equally unique perspective on the field of her choosing. Thus the idea for the podcast was born.

This podcast is intended to provide an inclusive view of the profession and practice of science (with a physics focus), from student to professor to retiree, from women of color to white cismales, from lifelong nerds to new recruits... Here, science is for everyone, regardless of background or identity, and the podcast will hopefully provide a good-humored but realistic view of the current state of the field. It is my wish that the experiences and views expressed will help inform and guide others taking this path, enlighten those that simply take an interest, and entertain everyone else.

About the Host

            Rosa Wallace

To make a very long story very short, at the end of high school I was presented with the choice between pursuing the arts or pursuing science, and I chose the arts. I completed my BA in Musical Theater and spent most of the next decade touring as a musician or actor, traveling the world, and teaching. However, I never stopped learning about the newest developments in astronomy and theoretical physics, and when I finally decided the touring life wasn't what I really wanted, several opportunities arose that pointed me back to school. I just completed a BS Honors in Pure & Applied Physics with minors in Astrophysics and Mathematics, and am starting work on my PhD in Astrophysics. When I'm not working on that, you might find me playing music, performing on some aerial apparatus, or even producing a podcast.

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